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Bull Riders Canada Standings Change After Stop Number Eight in Season IV Tour

Rimbey, Alberta -- Landon Lockhart from Brandon, Manitoba, earned 255 points at the Hell on Hooves BRC Bull Riding event on Friday, April 1st. Those points were enough to vault the Manitoba rider from fourth to the top spot in the BRC National Standings. Tim Lipsett from Lumsden, Saskatchewan slipped from first to third place while the Hell on Hooves Champion, Cody Coverchuk, moved from fourth to second spot.

Cody Coverchuk from Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan rode Outlaw Buckers Rodeo Corp 211 Night Sweats to an 87 point score and the long round victory. Outlaw Buckers Rodeo Corp and Vold Rodeo Company Limited/Prescott should be congratulated on their stock at the event. For this early in the year the younger bulls looked solid and the older bulls looked to have had an outstanding winter.

View the Bull Riders Canada website for complete Event Results and to view the current BRC Standings.

Thank you to Tim Lipsett for submitting the following video of Cody Coverchuk’s event winning ride:

Of note at the Rimbey event was the Junior Bull Riding. The amount of talent displayed by the entire group of young, future bull riders was very impressive! It was obvious that many of these young athletes had trained and practiced hard all winter. “All of these kids here today have been coming regularly to the Roughstock practice held right in this building” explained BRC Contestant Ken Siemens. “These kids have been getting on a pile of bulls and really dedicating themselves to the sport and it is very cool to see the results of their work!” If the Rimbey Junior Bull Riding was any indication of the future of the sport; have no worries as it is in good hands!

Finally, a side note about the Hell on Hooves BRC event: nobody needs to be reminded about the location that we live in and the Provincial and Federal policies that have impacted Canadians on many levels. Hats off to Rimbey for deciding to continue to have a bull riding event. Hats off to the Hell on Hooves Committee Curtis & Corrie Sawyer, Nansen & Jen Vold, Jeff & Andria Sahli, for remaining committed to ensuring that the Rimbey event continues on while producing a spectacular show on many levels! It was fantastic to see that all of the proceeds from the event stayed right in the community as they were donated to local Rimbey charities that could really use a hand up. Many people have asked, questioned or wondered just why Bull Riders Canada was created and the Rimbey event really defines the reasons... “To provide opportunities for guys to get on bulls, opportunities for guys to buck their bulls and opportunities for Canadian committees to have a low-cost Canadian option – that supports Canadians first – to have a bull riding event in their area”.

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