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Rookies Rolling like a Rolling Stone...

Alix, Alberta -- Another Bull Riders Canada Inc. rookie made a big move into the National Standings with a solid performance at the 2016 Alix Ice Breaker Bull Riding event.


Eighteen year old Cyas Bigchild, Rocky Mountain House, AB, won the long round with a solid 83 point effort on Thompson Rodeo 231.

Sounding like a veteran contestant, Cylas told BRC about the ride “...well around 4 or 5 seconds I knew I was going to ride him, all I had to do was keep moving my feet and get over the front end and it worked out just fine...” .

Cylas Bigchild's Long Round event-winning ride on Thompson Rodeo's 231 for 83 Points - Photo courtesy of Legendary Photoworks

That win in the long round, combined with no qualified rides in the short round, means that the Rocky Mountain House cowboy made out with $2400.00 in cold hard cash. Even more important, the points moved Bigchild into the standings in seventeenth position and he is determined to keep climbing the National standings.

Cylas was asked how he felt about the big move and replied, “...It's always nice to get a win especially with an event like this, I've always wanted to ride BRC and this year was no holding back. I want to continue to stay focused for the remainder of the whole season, staying in shape is the main key and don't think about it too much...just have fun and ride bulls! Thanks for putting up such great events!”.

It is fantastic to see another rookie in the season make a big move and show his potential...even better to point out that the young man understands what a bull riding event really is: a chance to show off the training you did all week long!

Cylas has a great perspective and is one of the first local rodeo athletes to really speak about the training that is essential to competing at any level within the sport of bull riding. The days of paying entry fees, living like a rock star and “drawing good” and gone. Cylas and many other bull riders are realizing that success in anything takes commitment, dedication, application, perseverance and determination...but is all worth it when you step off a great bull after making an even better ride.

Thank you to Cylas Bighchild for submitting the clip of his winning bull ride:

Cody and Tanya Meston, along with the entire Alix Ice Breaker Committee should be congratulated on another successful spring event. The Alix community really comes out each year to support the event and this year was no exception.

A few of the BRC Bull Riders during the grand entry at the Alix Ice Breaker Classic - Photo courtesy of Legendary Photoworks

All of the Bull Riders Canada Inc. contestants are vying to earn a spot in the Season IV $20,000.00 added Finals which is slated for October 21-22 in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan and to also be in the top five at the end of the year so they are eligible for the $5,000.00 Grudge Match following the long round on the Friday night.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the rodeo mom’s out there helping with training and supporting their future rodeo and bull riding athletes!

View the Bull Riders Canada website for complete Event Results and to view the current BRC Standings.

Next up on the Bull Riders Canada Inc. schedule is the Cowboys For A Cure BRC Bull Riding and Dance on Saturday May 28th in Cochrane, AB. This is another special event for a great cause...see everyone there!


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