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Cowboys For A Cure Event Title goes to Brazil

Bull Riders Canada Inc. was very proud to have had the opportunity to be involved with the Second Annual Cowboys For A Cure Bull Riding. The inspiration for this fantastic event was Mr. Bill Sheers; a very well known and well respected member of the rodeo family who lost his battle with cancer in 2013.

A big thanks for all of the planning and preparations that were completed by the Board of Directors for Cowboys For A Cure. As a result of all their hard work, the production featured miniature wild pony racing, wild horse racing, a cowboy cabaret and a roster of Bull Riders Canada contestants from five countries: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England and Brazil.


Bull Riders Canada contestants came out and challenged a very good pen of bulls which were subsidized by the gracious stock contractors: Flying High Rodeo (Elnora, AB), Bart Thompson (Lacombe, AB), Meston Rodeo Company (Tees, AB) and Two Bit Bucking Bulls (Magrath, AB). Thanks to all of the BRC Members who contributed to the success of the Cochrane event.

In his first event on Canadian soil, Italo Aguilar, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, was the only man to cover both bulls. Italo weathered an off day from a good bull from Meston Rodeo Company, 91 (Rooster Cogburn); scoring 74 points and winning the event with 154 on two head.

Italo Aguilar's Short Round ride on Meston Rodeo Company's Rooster Cogburn for 74 Points - Photo courtesy of Legendary Photoworks

For his efforts, Italo picked up over $2800.00 and jumped into the eighteenth position in the BRC National Standings.

Italo had only recently landed in Canada and through his interpreter, BRC was able to get comment from Italo on being here in Canada to ride bulls with BRC "...feels great being here in Canada. People here are friendly...I like to ride a lot here. We've been treated very well. I'm very happy for winning the event, feels great and gives me a lot of confidence. It's not easy with the language, bulls are different here and there are a lot of good bull riders here too. I first thank God and second BRC for the opportunity that they have given me to ride here. My plans are to keep riding my bulls and I just hope that God blesses me to keep riding well. I look forward to being on top to compete at the BRC Finals along with the other good bull riders."

In speaking with their interpreter a few weeks before the event he said "...they're here to ride bulls" referring to Italo and his fellow Brazilian BRC Member Bull Riders here in Canada with him. That they are. Fellow Brazilian Warlen Velton de Aquino was also one of the qualified rides in the Long Round in Cochrane.


Thank you to Italo Aguilar for submitting the clip of his winning bull ride:

Video Highlight brought to you by Ranchman's Cookhouse & Dancehall Inc. in Calgary, Alberta.

The long round highest score of the event, was posted Dayton Johnson, from Milk River, Alberta who rode Flying High Rodeo's I Hear Voices to an 81.5 point score.

Three Western Canadian Provinces and Australia make up the top five contestants in the updated BRC National Standings; but that is sure to change as Bull Riders Canada Inc. is entering one of the busiest periods of the rodeo season in Eastern Canada with seven events in the month of June alone.

View the Bull Riders Canada website for complete Event Results and to view the current BRC Standings.

The next stop for the BRC Season in Western Canada will be Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan on June 9th. This is an incredible event that is extremely well supported which makes for an electric rodeo arena for the riders and animals to perform inside. As an added bonus… the video from this event will also be captured and presented later this month so stay tuned for some exciting details!

See everyone in Meadow Lake on Thursday June 9th!




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