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Brazilian Wins Second BRC in a Row on Same Bull & Penticton Changes Standings

Whitecourt, Alberta - Brazilian bull rider Marcos Gloria (Pereira) rode Meston Rodeo Company's bull North of 60, for the Whitecourt Woodlands Rodeo bull riding event win and over $2200.00.

Just one week earlier, Gloria (Pereira) had the same bull at the Cowtown Rodeo in Balzac and spurred his way to an 83 point ride. This week Gloria (Pereira) rode the bull clean for an 80 point score in the long round that held as the eventual winning ride. Doing the math that is over $3500.00 in two rides, at separate ends of the Province, in one week, on the same bull...not too bad.


Another interesting fact was that Gloria (Pereira) had drawn North of 60 on a re-entry. In Bull Riders Canada events, cowboys have the option to pay another entry fee and have their name put on a re-entry list before the event starts. If an expected bull rider is suddenly unable to make the event, then those riders at the event who want to pay another fee for another chance to win, are drawn back to fill any vacant spots. Everyone wins...the committee gets the expected number of rides in the event, the fans get to see more bull rides and the contestants have the opportunity to earn more points and more money by having more opportunities to ride bulls.

Contestants taking advantage of the re-entry opportunities are consistently climbing the standings; case in point: Gloria (Pereira) had re-entered twice; the second re-entry was the bull he rode to win. This young cowboy from Brazil craves bulls and has consistently demonstrated that he will take any available spot as he closes in on being one of the top five bull riders in the BRC National Standings before the Season IV Finals in Lloydminster October 21 and 22. Two weeks ago Gloria (Pereira) was unranked, last week he was in 39th position and he now sits in the number 20 spot.

BRC caught up with Marcos after Whitecourt and speaking through his interpreter filled us in on what he's been feeling. "I am very happy! When I won the first event I said 'finally...break the ice'" Marcos laughed and continued to say "Now a win again feels good and I definitely love that bull. It was a long and hard road to get into professional rodeo in Brazil where there are so many bull riders. It's a dream coming true riding here in the BRC. It's hard not being able to communicate better, but at the same time I appreciate the effort and respect from everyone. Like this last event (Whitecourt) I would like to thank the Judges who explained some of the rules to me. I am very impressed and I take my hat off to to the bullfighters here too. It's definitely something else because the bulls here they come after you - are 'bad' - nothing like Brazil! Thank you again to BRC."

Penticton, BC - Provincial local and veteran bull rider Marlon Williams, Mount Currie, BC continued his charge towards the top of the BRC National Standings by securing the victory at the 3rd Annual Speedway Bull A Rama.

Being the only man to ride both bulls, scoring 154.5 total on two head, Williams claimed 380 points and moved to the number three position in the BRC National Standings; earning nearly $2800.00 for his efforts. Williams says "The win was great and can't wait to go to the next one, been riding with a broken finger...".

The atmosphere at the Speedway Bull A Rama is unique due to the spectacular venue and the enthusiastic fans. Penticton, British Columbia in the summertime has tourists from all over the world; many who have never seen a bull riding event before. The local press does an outstanding job generating awareness for the event and the fans come in bunches. What better place to watch a bull riding event than at an outdoor speedway.

Australia’s Ben Gard was the high marked ride of the event, scoring 85 points on Coyote Creek Rodeo 205 White Out; earning over $2000.00 for the single ride. Ben's high marked ride has made our highlight video for the the Penticton event.

Thank you to Marcos Gloria and Ben Gard for submitting clips of their rides:

Next up on the Bull Riders Canada Inc. Western schedule is one of the busiest runs of the year!

With over $13,500.00 in combined added money between: Eatonia, SK (Double Points!), Midale, SK, and Ralston, AB. See everyone there!

Visit Bull Riders Canada website for complete Event Results and to view the current BRC Standings.


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