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Two Weeks until a Bull Riders Canada National Champion is Decided

Lloydminster, Saskatchewan - With 67 events completed in seven different Provinces, the Season IV Bull Riders Canada National Champion will be crowned in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan October 22nd.

With over two hundred members, 528 bovine athletes and close to $300,000.00 in prize money paid out, the race to become the BRC National Champion is far from over.

Contestants will still be competing to move up in the BRC National Standings this weekend in the Spiritwood, SK BRC event, where their points will still count toward the Wrangler Bull Riders Canada Finals IV.

“Mathematically, any one of the Top 5 Contestants have a legitimate chance to become the 2016 BRC National Champion.” exclaimed BRC President, Russell Friend. “These guys (Contestants) have traveled thousands of kilometers all over Canada attempting to realize their dream of a National Championship and we – Bull Riders Canada and all of the fans and followers – have watched this incredible race develop and build momentum for the past few months now. With the new format of allowing Contestants to re-enter as many times as they like (provided an event has space) we have seen many riders use that opportunity to secure their spot for the Finals, earn a spot to qualify for the Finals or take another step towards getting inside the Top 5 for their chance to compete in the Canadian Global Grudge Match Friday night and have a chance to become a true National Champion.”

Friend continues “…LloydEx has truly been an exceptional partner to deal with! They have always gone out of their way to ensure that Bull Riders Canada, our members and production teams’ expectations are exceeded every year. This is BRCs third year of working with LloydEx and we really wanted to thank Mike, Owen, Tess and the entire LloydEx team for everything they have done and continue to do for us.”

Bull Riders Canada has seen continued growth from riders originating from other countries like Australia and Brazil and you will get a chance to see many of them competing at the Finals event again this year.

“We (Bull Riders Canada) have written a few letters of validation and support for riders coming to Canada to compete in our events.” explained Friend, “… these guys are hungry to ride bulls and often have different chute procedures or riding styles that our Canadian cowboys may not have seen before, so it is great to have that blend of foreign talent.”

Two weeks until a Bull Riders Canada National Champion is decided. Friday, October 21st is the first Long Round of competition where you will see all of the Top 30 riders compete on the one bull they’ve been drawn.

Following the Long Round will be the Canadian Global Grudge Match which pits the Top 5 Bulls in BRC versus the Top 5 Cowboys in BRC. If the Cowboy makes a qualified ride, he is awarded $1000.00 on the spot; if he's bucked off by the Bull, the Stock Contractor wins the $1000.00. One of the most exciting nights of the entire season for sure! A huge thank you to Canadian Global for sponsoring this must-see Grudge Match!

See you all soon at the Wrangler Bull Riders Canada Finals IV in Lloydminster.

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