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Bull Riders Get Ready!

Bull Riders Canada wanted to send a note of THANKS to all of the past Committees, Partners, LloydEx, Members and fans of the sport from Coast-to-Coast! The sport of bull riding is certainly alive and well within our nation and it would be our hope that continued growth and evolution of the sport continues into and beyond the upcoming Spring and Summer months.


First off, to all of the bull riders - how is your fitness?

Bull riders should be actively working at improving and refining their skill set and fitness levels in order to endure and prosper this upcoming season. The bull power they are going to face has been training, so Bull Riders - if you have not been training, you had better start since there is less than one month before another jammed schedule which includes stops across Canada as well as some within the US (pending sanction details to be confirmed)!

Riding bulls and being a rodeo cowboy is a “lifestyle” that can evolve into a career for those that choose to dedicate themselves and prepare for the opportunity. Fitness is also a lifestyle so it would seem like no better match than to allow fitness to become the foundation that being a rodeo cowboy can grow off of.

Bull riders need to be executing a dedicated workout regiment that promotes core strength, flexibility and power...the fast-twitch muscle fibres that we all have, yet rarely utilize to their potential. In addition, a foundation for any workout routine involves a solid cardiovascular base. If there is popular support or feedback to some of these principles we would be happy to elaborate so do not be afraid to hit up the BRC office to voice your opinion if you would like more details.

Bull riders - hitting the gym and the track are only two aspects - there are three more “key” ingredients that are needed: mental training, flexibility training and actual practice are also important factors to not only competing in a regular bull riding season, but finishing the season outright and performing your best the entire time.

Take the Champion of the recent Chad Besplug Invitational held in Chlaresholm late last month; Garrett Green cited “lifting weights” and “doing yoga” as part of the reason for feeling “tremendously confident” when heading to compete at that bull riding event. Garrett also explained that diet was a huge factor as he has changed to a fitness diet that ensures he is getting proper nutrition and fuel to achieve the best results possible every time he trains. Garrett realized early that he cannot rely solely on his talent if he wants a longer, more prosperous career.

The bulls are getting should too!

Having a solid core, yoga or some other form of stretching, cardio that ensures “gas in the tank” and a proper diet mean that a bull rider can execute the final component of his training... practice.

Practice is critical but be sure not to overlook or underestimate the importance of positive thinking even before you decide to head to practice or enter a jackpot or event! Winning starts with starts with having the confidence that a fitness lifestyle and training will afford. It includes having the right frame of mind even at a practice pen - learning or practicing at least one valuable skill that will serve you well in the coming season or years ahead. Have confidence in your training! Know that while you are getting on bulls to improve there are hundreds of bulls and riders sitting at home...they are not there...not where you are...not doing what you are doing to get ready! Take the positive away from the practice pen. What did you learn? Sometimes you can learn the most by making great moves but still bucking off - do not forget that.

We are looking forward to watching all of you riders showcase all of the hard work you have completed over the “off-season”.

“The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses, in the gym, behind the lines and out there on the road... long before I dance under the lights.” – Muhammad Ali

If you are curious or would like any assistance with training, contact me any time through the BRC Office!

Russell D. Friend, BHRM President, Bull Riders Canada Inc.


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