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Crookedhorn Cowboy Protection & Bull Riders Canada

Okotoks, Alberta - Crookedhorn Cowboy Protection is pleased to announce a formal partnership with Bull Riders Canada (BRC). Crookedhorn Cowboy Protection and Bull Riders Canada share the same vision to promote the sport of rodeo while providing the safest gear available to protect the athletes who compete.

Crookedhorn Cowboy Protection is a Canadian built company that has developed the most complete line of cowboy protection vests available.

In addition to the varied styles, Crookedhorn Cowboy Protection leads the marketplace with product innovation and workmanship.

Bull Riders Canada is excited to work with a progressive Canadian company who shares some of the same values: to make the sport of rodeo and bull riding better while delivering opportunities for local, Canadian stakeholders. Bull Riders Canada feels by having the Crookedhorn Cowboy Protection products available online, more people will have the opportunity to look at and superior safety gear.

You can find a full line of safety gear by clicking these links to visit the Bull Riders Canada web store page, Bull Riders Canada or Crookedhorn Cowboy Protection.

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