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Delburne Continues & Lamont in 24th Year

Delburne Hillbilly Stomp Continues

The Hell On Hooves production team of the Sawyer, Vold and Sahli families ensured that the Delburne Hillbilly Stomp continued in 2017. “Everyone has to give a little to make things work and we are thankful for the sponsors, the fans and the support from the area to make sure this event went off this year...” explained Curtis Sawyer before the event started.


In a pretty even and solid pen of bulls there were not many qualified rides. In fact, it is frustrating to see some younger cowboys get a little out of shape and step one of their legs over the neck to get off. If that is the attitude that a bull rider wants to have that is fine I guess, but it will be a short season since you will most likely end up broke or mucked out for those types of half-hearted attempts to get off.

Instead, get set in the chute, control what you can control, ride the animal out of the box after you nod your head and then make your moves while putting out the effort. That mindset and production will pay you more times than not, your riding average will go up and your chances of injuries will go down since you are focused on riding and not on where you are going to get off.

The Hillbilly Stomp featured 25 contestants in the long round, six junior bull riders and two steer riders. There was a short intermission followed by a Calcutta for the top cowboys and the short round featuring eight contestants on score and time.

Winning the long round was Coy Robbins, Bawif, AB on Outlaw Buckers 824 Scare Tactic. Coy made a solid bull ride and was in control to score 82.5 points. Griffin Smeltzer, Claresholm, AB scored 79 points on Outlaw Buckers 612 Mr. Mayhem and Travis Maguire, Siksika Nation, AB was third with a 77 point effort on Outlaw Buckers 18 Hush Up.

Following the Delburne event, Coy said "...I cannot thank Outlaw Buckers and Jeff Sahli with Hell on Hooves Productions enough for putting on such great events always! I'd like to thank my personal sponsors Bedevil Oilfield Services, LoneStar Oilfield Services, Alpha Bull Events and Emergency Refrigeration."

Thank you to Coy Robbins for submitting his video of his bull ride:

There were no qualified rides in the short round and since the bulls out-shone the cowboys we thought that there should be a special “shout-out” to three of the bovine athletes that stood out in the event.

In the long round, the best bull out was Outlaw Buckers 333 Jiminy’s Back who scored a solid 21.5-plus while dispatching Riley Gagnon, Innisfail, AB In the short round it was two older bulls that showed the younger stars how it gets done. Outlaw Buckers 6 Banff Ice and 724 Dakota Joe both had great days putting up 21.5-plus scores. 724 Dakota Joe being a 10-year old really looked good and that is a testament to the handling and feed programs of livestock contractors.

With the win, Robbins pocketed over $2100.00 cash and moved from 19th to 7th place in the BRC National Standings. Smeltzer moved up two spots from fourth to second and Maguire moved from 22nd place to 11th place.

Thanks to the Hell On Hooves Team and the town of Delburne for a good event and we hope to see you again next year!

Lamont 24th Annual Bull A Rama Supreme

The town of Lamont, with the support of the Lamont & District Agricultural Society, local businesses and throngs of loyal and passionate fans, have held one of the longest running consecutive bull riding events in Canada...for the past 24-years!

For the past two seasons, the Bull A Rama Supreme has had the largest purse for a bull riding event on the BRC schedule with $8000.00 in added money. It was unfortunate that the event had to be rescheduled this year (due to the harsh spring weather) as some contestants ended up having conflicting engagements but the fans sure read the memo! Once again they showed up in bunches and the weather even cooperated to make for a very pleasant night that saw a 26.3 percent riding average!

With double points on the line and some spots open for double entry, the cowboys in attendance knew that they were all looking at an opportunity to solidify a spot in the BRC Finals in one event! All they had to do was arrive on time, pay their entry fees and focus on their training to ride bulls.

Marcos Gloria, Central de Minas, Brazil moved from 17th in the standings all the way into the number one spot (by over 400-points!) by entering twice, placing first and second in the long round and second and third in the average.

Gloria made 1060 points and over $4800 for an 82 point effort on Trach Rodeo 700 De Ja Two and an 81 point score on Big Country Rodeo 233 Haunted...just out of the long round and average! Gloria did his job...took advantage of the opportunity presented to him, controlled what he could control, relied on his training to ride bulls and he should be proud!

The winner of the event was the cowboy who started and warmed up the best bull of the event the night before in Delburne, AB. Riley Gagnon, Innisfail, AB picked up the first major event win of his young career by being the only rider to make the whistle in the short round which was full on qualified scores from the long round...great work!

Gagnon rode Trach Rodeo 257 Too Many Beers to an 83.5 score in the short round after posting a 76 point score in the long round. For the total on two head, Gagnon also pocketed over $4800 and 700 points to move from 19th in the BRC National Standings all the way into the number three position.

Gagnon is working on his skills as a bull rider and the tangible progression is evident. Gagnon was upset and disappointed the night before, as he should have been of course, but he looked at video, kept his mind focused, stayed positive and used the evening to take care of himself and prepare for another opportunity which he made the most of! Great work Riley...that is how you build a bull rider!

Thanks again to the Trach Rodeo Company (Steven and Karen) as well as the Lamont Ag Society (Rebecca) for all of their hard work! What a fantastic event!

Bull Riders Canada standings are really changing with the frequency of events that are happening from now all the way through the summer months. BRC will be taking the Top 25 Contestants in the BRC National Standings along with the Top 6 Junior Steer Riders for the Season V Finals event in Lloydminster, SK December 1st & 2nd.

With the volume of events gearing up there is a tremendous opportunity for two companies to partner with Bull Riders Canada in order to market themselves on our web and social media platforms. The National Standings and the BRC Season Schedules are fantastic ways to align your business or brand to be seen by tens-of-thousands of people that are within your targeted geographical and demographic areas. If your company is interested in having one of these platforms branded with your name or slogan, please contact the BRC Office for more information.

Next up on the BRC Schedule will be the Edson BRC on Sunday May 21st, see you there!

Visit Bull Riders Canada website for complete Event Results and to view the current BRC Standings.


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