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Ladies Night Gala Raises Funds for BRC Relief Foundation

Irricana, Alberta - On March 4th, 2017, the Irricana & District Agricultural Society held it's 1st Annual Ladies Night Bright & Gaudy Gala Fundraiser. Bull Riders Canada Relief Foundation was honored to be selected as one of the two recipients receiving funds raised at this event.

The theme of the evening was YOLO - You Only Live Once! Being that this was a Ladies Night Gala, Bull Riders Canada was asked by the Irricana Ag Society to provide a few cowboys as "waiters" for the event.

Thank you to our Bull Riders and other Members who assisted in this - Will Purcell, Jerett Nash, Ethan Schultz, Kyle German, Russell Friend, Jake Hergenhein, Dana Hergenhein, Al Metzger, Sean Guilcher and Lee Walsh. We are very grateful to every one of these guys for volunteering their evening (not knowing exactly what they were getting themselves into!) in support of the BRC Relief Foundation.

With 200 ladies in attendance, these "waiters" - all with no previous experience - did a fantastic job, had a great time and each one personally contributed back to raising funds for the BRC Relief Foundation - Thank you!

On behalf of our Members, Committees, Fans and Stakeholders all across Canada, we would like to extend a sincere thank you to the Irricana & District Agricultural Society for their generous contribution this past week of $5000.00 to the Bull Riders Canada Relief Foundation, which was raised at this sold-out function.

The money raised will be used to assist injured cowboys and members of Bull Riders Canada and the generosity of the Irricana & District Agricultural Society is appreciated very much – thank you!

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