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41.6 Percent in Alix

The bull riders came to ride at the Alix Icebreaker Rough Stock event hosted by the Meston family with support from the Alix Icebreaker committee on Friday, May 26th.

There were plenty of spectators in attendance and they were entertained with an open bareback event, open saddle bronc event and a sanctioned Bull Riders Canada bull riding event.

The horses were perfect as they provided the cowboys plenty of chances to be spurred in both events. Cody Meston should be congratulated for his stock selections in the bull riding event as the bulls were even and provided the cowboys opportunities to showcase their talents while giving the fans a show.

The BRC cowboys rode 41.6 percent of their bulls in the 12-man performance, with Griffin Smeltzer, Claresholm, AB emerging as the winner with a solid 82 point score on Meston Rodeo 93 Mafia Lullaby.

Thank you to Tania Smeltzer for submitting the video of Griffin's ride:

For his efforts, Smeltzer took home 200 points as well as four dollars shy of one thousand. Smeltzer stayed at number two in the BRC National Standings but is only 20-points behind current number one; Marcos Gloria from Brazil.

The bull riders loved the bulls because they provided a platform to showcase their talents; spur to win and gain some confidence that their weekly training regime is working. The fans loved the bulls because they got to see some buck-offs and some rides! Most important of all...there will be another event supported even more from the community next year!

THAT is what this whole thing is about - another event next year!

Another event next year ensures that stock contractors have a place to buck their bulls and cowboys have another opportunity to get better by riding bulls...the vision statement of Bull Riders Canada.

Things are staring to get busy on the BRC schedule as entries for the first Central Canada Tour stop (Meadow Lake, SK) are taking place along with the first of-a-few events at the famous Girletz Rodeo Ranch in Balzac, AB.

Bull Riders Canada is currently experiencing tens-of-thousands of guests to it’s website and social media outlets each month. With the introduction to US events coming up, the launch of a Central Canada Tour to compliment the Eastern Tour and fantastic events such as the Cochrane Classic getting on board, there is plenty of exciting news to stay current on.

Combine these facts with a fantastic social media campaign and a network of media outlets running BRC stories there are two very real opportunities for companies to increase their brand awareness, grow sales, hire staff or promote a new product or service.

Bull Riders Canada is going to open up the BRC National Standings as well as the BRC Schedule to two organizations for naming rights. For a modest and fair marketing value price, Bull Riders Canada will ensure that your organization is featured as the naming partner of these two very powerful and high traffic domains. Any interested parties are invited to contact the BRC Office to be directed to the National Marketing Manager. BRCs National Marketing Manager can validate the growth of BRC and work with your organization to ensure that your demographics are reached and your marketing dollars are put to fantastic use while supporting the sport of bull riding in your country.

See you all down the trail.

Visit Bull Riders Canada website for complete Event Results and to view the current BRC Standings. DATA




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