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Coverchuk sets his sights on BRC National Title

Kalispell, MT USA - Once again, Bull Riders Canada had a very warm welcome from our friends south of the border. Thank you to the Bull Riders and fans from both Canada and Montana that came out to support this wonderful event!

Friday night saw 35 Bull Riders in the Long Round, with 11 qualified rides. Canada held 6 of those qualified spots, with Cody Coverchuk taking the lead after an 85.5 point ride on Bailey Pro Rodeo's Eight Ball.

However, when it came time for the Top 10 to compete in the Canadian Global Championship Round, it was an American who took it all. Payton Fitzpatrick, Polson, MT was the only qualified ride with 85 points on Clint Solomon's Soup in a Group. Adding that to his Long Round score of 84 on Bailey Pro Rodeo's Bottoms Up, Fitzpatrick was 169 on two head. Being the only cowboy to stay on two, he took home $4,383.00 USD for his win.

Saturday night took on a different tune with 12 qualified rides for the night - 9 in the LR & 3 in the Canadian Global Championship Round - it was the Canadians who covered 10 of those bulls.

There were three cowboys who made a qualified ride in the Canadian Global Championship Round - two of them being BRC veterans Cody Coverchuk and Tim Lipsett, and the other was BRC Rookie, Ashton Sahli.

Sahli will certainly be one to watch as the Coors Banquet BRC Season VI rolls on. Ashton was 76 points in the Long Round on Bailey Pro Rodeo's Alley Cat, and then proved he can compete with the best after a 77 point ride on Bailey Pro Rodeo's Lunch Box Louie in the Canadian Global Championship Round. Sahli is currently sitting 4th in the BRC National Standings with 560 points.

After Coverchuk and Lipsett split 1st/2nd in the Canadian Global Championship Round with 87.5 points each, it was Coverchuk who would come out on top. Coverchuk's score of 172.5 on two head, added 770 points to his 560 from Friday night, and helped him take the number one spot in the BRC National Standings. Cody walked away with $3,517.00 USD and 1330 points over the two days.

Thank you to Ashton Laughlin for submitting the video of Cody Coverchuk's SR ride:

Dustin Edwards caught up with Cody Coverchuk for Bull Riders Canada, following the event.

Dustin Edwards: "You've been the runner up to the National Title in the BRC back-to-back years, and it seems strange to think that Cody Coverchuk is yet to be the National Champion with the success you've had in the BRC. How does this set you up to change that for this year?"

Cody Coverchuk: " know, being runner up definitely motivates me for the following year, that's for sure. But you know, as far as bull riding goes, you just try to not think about your last bull and just worry about the bull that you're getting on at the time. This year I'm going to definitely set my sights on being National Champion in Bull Riders Canada, because second place is the first loser, and I hate losing."

Dustin Edwards: "Well, you're off to a pretty good start now. What does 2018 look like for Cody Coverchuk?"

Cody Coverchuk: " know, it's the same old. I got a little baby boy I'm gonna have, so it'll be a big lifestyle change there. But for myself, I'm going to definitely hit more Bull Riders Canada this year and try and keep that lead going for the National Championship at the end of the year, but we'll see how it goes.

Good luck to Cody Coverchuk and all the BRC Bull Riders as the Coors Banquet BRC Season VI continues with our next stop in Rimbey, AB.

Visit Bull Riders Canada website for full Event Results and current National Standings.

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