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BRC welcomes Cowboy Gaming as Season VI Partner

Irricana, Alberta – Bull Riders Canada is proud to welcome Cowboy Gaming as our newest Season Partner.

Joining BRC as a Gold Buckle Partner for Season VI, Cowboy Gaming is a free-to-play online gaming entertainment company. Players can also access free-to-play bingo, blackjack, roulette, slots and poker rooms through their site.

Both Bull Riders Canada and Cowboy Gaming were built by Cowboys, with the intent to give back to the industry and help it grow. The Partnership is a perfect fit. “We were guests at their (BRCs) 2017 finals event and were thoroughly impressed with their professionalism and organization” said Steven Puhallo, President and CEO of Cowboy Gaming.

Along with the Season Partnership, Cowboy Gaming has opened up their on-line bingo and casino platform to support Bull Riders Canada and its athletes. What this means is, BRC receives a portion of revenue for any in-game purchases from players who register to play through Bull Riders Canada. So play for free, share Bull Riders Canada unique gateway link to Cowboy Gaming and be a part of growing the sport of bull riding!

These funds will be used mainly toward the BRC Finals, and will assist with costs such as Sports Medicine, and increases in prize money.

“This is important to us. A key part of who we are is about partnering with organizations that promote the country and western lifestyle. This national sponsorship will help Bull Riders Canada increase its support of its athletes.” Puhallo said, “And…we’re really looking forward to seeing the best bull riders in Canada at this year’s finals!”

BRC President, Russell Friend says this of the Partnership, “We are thrilled to welcome Cowboy Gaming to partner with BRC. Our fans and membership base can support our sport by clicking on the Cowboy Gaming buckle icon on our website.”

Russell goes on to say “…an important aspect of this agreement is accountability and transparency. BRC will be announcing (at Season VI Finals) the results of this exciting partnership. We are optimistic for a long term agreement which will grow the sport of bull riding, while providing increased support for all of our Members.”

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