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Practice Makes Perfect

Alix, Alberta & Penticton, British Columbia - One thing rang clear in the interviews with both BRC Event Champions this past weekend - practice counts.

Practice makes Perfect - so the saying goes. After winning the Alix Ice Breaker, BRC asked Shane Peters what some of the changes were that he's made to help with his recent success. A recent success which includes two BRC Season VI Event wins before the end of May!

“To be honest, I’ve kind of quit caring so much. I’ve quit worrying about ‘am I going to do good’, or what people think or any of that. I just go out there and I ride bulls. I’ve been doing a lot more practicing and you know it’s really just a confidence thing. They say bull riding is a mind game and that’s one hundred percent true.” Peters says of some of those changes.

And what about the two event wins this early in the Season? Shane says “…it feels good you know, it’s probably the best season I’ve had since I’ve been out of High School Rodeo. Starting to feel normal again and getting my confidence back is – it’s good to have again.”

Shane Peters from Delburne, AB won the Alix Ice Breaker with an 84 point ride on Meston Rodeo Co.'s Chocolate Whiskey.

"...I've always been excited to get on their (Meston's) bulls." says Peters about his draw. "I had a pretty young bull, but I talked to Cody (Meston) and he seemed pretty excited about it. He told me it was one that I could win on, and I just kind of took it from there and made 'er work."

Currently sitting at number two in the BRC National Standings, Shane tells us his thoughts on becoming number one. “It’s kind of become back in my mind that that’s all I want to be. There’s no point trying to be second place. Everyone out there is trying to be first, so I mean, it’s just good to have kinda some wind at your back, and the confidence there, and just keep on rollin’.”

Rollin' on he did...Shane, along with a few other Alberta BRC Bull Riders, drove the nine and a half hour trek from Alix, Alberta to beautiful Penticton, British Columbia, where there would be 20 BRC Contestants competing in a 2 head (40 Bull) format.

Johnny and Jasmine Aantjes with the Penticton Speedway are hosting two BRC Bull Riding events this Season! This past weekend was their first, and you can join them for the second one on July 21st.

Making a qualified ride on one bull - let alone two - is something to be proud of. Even more so, when it's your first BRC Event of the Season, and you're only 16 years old!

Kevin Wallace from Mount Currie, BC has every reason to be proud. Kevin would be the only Bull Rider to make a qualified ride on two bulls at the Penticton Speedway Bull A Rama.

In Round one, it was Marlon Williams from Lil'wat Nation who took the first place spot with an 84.5 point ride on S&E Bucking Bulls' Huckleberry. Kevin Wallace was right behind him with the first of his two qualified rides on S&Es Juicy Fruit.

"I've seen him a few times. He's usually right there around to the left, and just like that - he's right there around to the left, two jumps. Felt real good, sat down and got it done." Wallace says.

When it came time for the Canadian Global Championship Round, Lane Cork from Quesnel, BC came out on top with his score of 83 on Coyote Creek Rodeo's Boot Camp. Again, it would be 16 year old Kevin Wallace right there with his second qualified ride of the night on Coyote Creek Rodeo's Smooth Operator for 78 points.

"...first two jumps out there, same as my first bull, right there around to the left. He almost had me on the second jump and then I squared up and beard down and made the ride." Kevin says of Smooth Operator.

With his scores totaling 160.5, Wallace would take home $1,610.00, 380 points landing him 20th spot in the BRC National Standings, and the title of Event Champion.

When asked what it means to have his first BRC win in his home province, Kevin replied "It means a lot to me because I’ve always wanted to be a bull rider since I was a kid, and being in my home province, my first bull riding of the year, it’s pretty cool.”

With family and friends present, Kevin doesn't feel the pressure as the young guy coming in. “I had my mom and dad there with me, and I’ve been getting on a lot of practice bulls out here in Mount Currie."

"It feels really good knowing that I can ride with some of the top guys in Canada. It's just real special riding with those guys."

Wallace comments on having his parents there with him for his win. "...they support me a lot.” Kevin says.

This support is clearly evident in his mom Renee's cheers heard in the background of his video clip in the attached highlight reel - great encouragement!

Thank you to Shane Peters and Renee Wallace for submitting the video clips.

Visit Bull Riders Canada website for full Event Results and current National Standings.

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