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Sahli's Movin' on Up

Maple Creek, SK & Havre, MT - The Showdown in Cowtown in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan and the Cody FourColors Memorial Bull Ride in Havre, Montana were both filled with fans who came to support the events. Mother Nature played along as well, with beautiful weather in both locations.

Ashton Sahli from Red Deer, Alberta took advantage of the double points in Havre, Montana this weekend and is now movin' on up in the BRC National Standings. Sahli jumped from 22nd prior to the weekend, to 5th place overall.

This move puts Ashton in the lead for the Rookie of the Year Award at the Wrangler Bull Riders Canada Season VI Finals, behind Grady Smeltzer.

Ashton is now in the position to win the first ever Rookie of the Year Award in BRC. What does that mean for him? "...kinda lights a bit of a fire under my butt actually. To be able to be the first one to win that out of that association (BRC) that’d be really cool, pretty big milestone." says Ashton.

"...Grady Smeltzer’s been flippin' lightin' it up, he’s riding really hot so he’s definitely one to look out for and then, I guess Denver Sisson’s in the race for that too he’s been doing pretty good, making some money here and there, so there’s a pretty good field of guys." says Sahli on the talented field of Rookies in the BRC this Season.

In Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Ashton rode his Canadian Global Championship Round Bull, Dan the Man of Outlaw Buckers Rodeo Corp. for 86 points.

"I found out I had Dan the Man of Outlaws there, seen that bull go a bunch at some pro rodeos and some bigger bull ridings, so I was really excited to be able to get on him, figured I’d get along with him pretty good and ended up working out." Sahli tells us of his ride.

Ashton left Maple Creek with $3,150.00 and 300 points toward the BRC National Standings, and headed South across the border to Havre, Montana.

Ashton says of his trip to the US, "It was really cool, good crowd down there, bunch of really good bulls. Pretty cool to be able to go down there and, ride against some of the Americans you never seen before and never met none of ‘em."

One of Sahli's goals coming into the BRC Season was to win the Rookie of the Year Award. "...I caught wind, Russell (BRC President) mentioned in Kalispell that there was that Rookie of the Year race, so as soon as I heard that I really wanted to go after that and try and like, win that...".

Seeing his name as the number 5 man in the BRC National Standings, some of his goals may have changed a bit. "...climbing up there a little bit obviously going for that BRC title and being able to hopefully ride in the (Canadian Global) grudge match there at the finals, that’d be spectacular!" says Ashton.

Ashton Sahli on Whitford Bucking Bulls' Still Smokin' in Havre, Montana - Photo courtesy Wildwood Imagery

Although Ashton did not win the event overall in Havre, Montana, he was the only Canadian to make a qualified ride. He would head back home to Canadian soil with $1,807.00 USD as well as another 480 points (thanks to the DOUBLE POINT Format) for the standings.

The event winner was T'Jay Allen from Harlem, Montana and he walked away with $3.357.00 for his one ride as well as all the hardware. He won the Long Round Champion Buckle, the Event Champion Buckle, and the Trophy Knife.

Thank you to the FourColors Family for taking such good care of the Bull Riders again this year!

T'Jay Allen with Clint Solomon and the FourColors Family, Havre, Montana - Photo courtesy Wildwood Imagery

This weekend also saw Lane Cork from Quesnel, British Columbia win the dual approved BCRA/BRC Quesnel Rodeo event in his hometown. Lane made a great ride for 86 points.

Still South of the border was another dual approved BRC event in Minot, North Dakota where BRC Rookie Denver Sisson, and Saskatchewan's Matthew Leippi were making qualified rides and will be bringing some money back to Canada.

Visit Bull Riders Canada website for full Event Results and current National Standings.

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