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Lambert & Gloria Make Big Moves

Eckville & Lamont, Alberta - Bull Riders Canada was excited to start this past weekend with a stop in Eckville, AB. The Eckville Bull A-Rena is one of several new events in the Coors Banquet Bull Riders Canada Season VII presented by Nelson Homes, and the Committee played host to a crowd that packed the Arena!

Eckville Bull A-Rena

In the Long Round of action, it would be Shane Peters (Delburne, AB), taking the lead with a an 84.5 point ride on Sawyer Pro Rodeos Super Trooper. A minor run in with Super Trooper following Peters' get-off would see him bow out of the Purpus Vodka Championship Round. Thankfully, Shane was in top shape to ride again the following evening.

With the fierce competition heading into the Purpus Vodka Championship Round, it would be BRC Rookie, Jett Lambert (Grande Prairie, AB) taking home all the glory as well as the money.

Lambert rode Outlaw Buckers Rodeo Corp.'s Baldy for a score of 85.5 points, and would be the only Cowboy to cover two bulls. Adding Jett's 85.5 points to his Long Round ride of 82.5 points on Sawyer Pro Rodeos' Scrooge, he would end the night with a combined score of 168.

Lambert says of his ride "...I feel like a million bucks. Gettin’ past that bull, Baldy in the short go, I thought he was going to be away from my hand. I chose him (Pick your Poison), he’s really up and down - thought he suited my style really well. Ended up coming into my hand, just had to keep moving, and moving, and moving and get him covered."

And move he did. The Eckville Bull A-Rena event win, moved Jett Lambert's total BRC winnings to over $6,000.00 and 1230 points. Lambert currently sits 3rd in the BRC Standings brought to you by Nelson Homes and 1st in the race for the TFB Leather Rookie of the Year title.

Thank you to Bear Lightbown and the Lightbown family for presenting Jett Lambert with this Bud Lightbown Memorial Buckle (pictured) made by Jensen Silver.

The Cowboys then made their way from Eckville to Lamont in what seems to be the norm - an Alberta, Spring snow storm - thanks to Mother Nature. With everyone arriving safely, the skies cleared up on Saturday morning and although it was a bit chilly, there was no snow on the ground for the Lamont Bull A Rama Supreme XXVII.

It would be Marcos Gloria (Central de Minas, MG, Brazil) and Tim Lipsett (Lumsden, SK) who would dominate this event with each of these Cowboys going two for two.

In the Long Round of Competition Marcos Gloria rode Vold Rodeo Company's Whiskey Muscles for 84 points, and Tim Lipsett covered another of Vold Rodeo Company's bulls, Spy Hill.

The Purpus Vodka Championship Round was a crowd pleaser, with Lipsett making his second qualified ride of the night with a score of 84 on Vold Rodeo Company's Over Cooked (166.5 on two), Warlen Aquino (Itabirinha, MG, Brazil) on Vold Rodeo Company's Venom for 87 points, and in the lead was Marcos Gloria with an outstanding performance awarding him 88 points on Vold Rodeo Company's Corona Time (172 on two).

Gloria talks about Corona Time saying "...I saw the draw before, the one I had there, and I was thinking should I get a chance to pick, that would be my pick because I know he's a good bull, I rode him before at the CFR for 88 points and I was excited about that one."

It's pretty nice when you’ve had the same score on a bull before - a bull that helped Marcos to his CFR title. With the Lamont BRC being Double Points and $8000.00 dollars added prize money, it certainly is a great after a quiet start to the season, Marcos has now jumped all the way to number one in the BRC Standings presented by Nelson Homes.

What does this event do for Gloria's momentum, moving forward? "...definitely it’s a big step, that’s the same that happened in 2017, when I won Lamont with all the points and everything. It was a huge step to make it to the BRC Finals. I’m hoping to do the same."

Marcos Gloria is currently the number one Bull Rider in the BRC Standings. Coming into the 2019 Season, Marcos is a returning BRC Champion, CFR Average Champion, and Calgary Stampede Champion. BRC asked Gloria if he feels a lot of pressure to perform and win at these events.

Gloria responds "...I don’t feel pressure, but definitely I feel proud and that drives me to go do my job because sometimes I think that people are expecting to see something because of that."

And he's doing a great job of it, continuing to win on all levels. With BRC National Champion title one of his goals for 2019, Marcos also tells us what he feels is so special about being a part of Bull Riders Canada.

"It's just special for me because everything I’ve conquered until now, it starts with BRC. That’s where I first started to win the events, it was with BRC and my first title. So, it's special because that's where everything starts for me, being here in Canada." Gloria says.

Thank you to Outlaw Buckers Rodeo Corp. and Vold Rodeo Co. for the Bull Riding clips

Congratulations to all the BRC Contestants this past weekend! See you at the next one...

Visit Bull Riders Canada website for full Event Results and current Standings.

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