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New Year; New Champions

Barriere, British Columbia - The 6th Annual New Year's Eve BRC Bull Riding put on by the North Thompson Fall Fair & Rodeo Association was another huge success! This event continues to get bigger and better every year.

With Bulls from S&E Bucking Bulls, Coyote Creek Rodeo and Pozzobon Bucking Bulls, the contestants sure had their work cut out for them.

The fans in Barriere, BC love the 2-head format, where each of the 20 Contestants faces off against two bulls - one in each round. With no contestants staying on 2-head, Jackson Scott came out as the Champion of the event with an 87 point ride on S&E Bucking Bulls' Trigger Happy. Ty Hamill took home second place with an 83 on Coyote Creek Rodeo's Shell Raiser.

Thank you to Jackson Scott for submitting the video of his ride:

Dustin Edwards caught up with Jackson Scott on New Year's Day, to interview the Barriere, BC event winner and the first Champion of the BRC 2018 Season VI.

Dustin Edwards: "Last night you jump out, you win the first event of 2018 in your home province. First off, how does it feel to start 2018 with a win?"

Jackson Scott: "Ya, it feels awesome. I mean, Bull Riders Canada puts on a really good event there and there's obviously no better way to start the 2018 Season than to win the deal. ...It's good I was going up against 20 other top bull riders in Canada and it felt really good to kinda go out there and prove myself, and ride against those guys and come out on top."

Dustin Edwards: "So talk about your night. I know it was a 2-header, you got on two bulls; successful on one, a pretty cool bull of S&Es that you were 87 on. Touch on your two bulls that you got on and of course, the one that took you to the 87."

Jackson Scott: "...going into this event, I kinda knew the one bull of S&Es that I rode, I'd seen him a few times, but the one of Marchand's there, of Coyote Creek Ranch, I didn't really know and I was going into it kinda with an open mind, kinda like I always do. And you know, it turned out he might've had a little better trip than I did obviously, cuz he bucked me off, but man, I just went into the next one with a positive mind. Got on a bull that I knew was going to be good because everybody I'd talked to said that's a really good draw, and that's a bull that you wanna get on and you're gonna win on. I went out there with that exact same mindset that I got a bull that I can win on and as long as I do my job and he does his, we're gonna turn out on top and I just kinda went out there and with a positive mind and the bull bucked good, I rode just as good, and it turned out good for me."

Dustin Edwards: "When you talk about events, lets touch on last night. The event in Barriere, it's kinda been a staple for New Year's Eve for Bull Riders Canada the last couple of years. I know you were awarded a new trophy buckle - touch on the event and what that event means to you in BC."

Jackson Scott: "...I only rode there the last two years, but I've been there the last probably five years before I even started riding bulls. Been watching it the whole time, and ...every single year it gets better and better!

I'm pretty sure, I mean I don't know the statistics, but I'm pretty sure they sell out every single year. The crowd gets more and more excited every year, the atmosphere, and the bulls, and everything just gets so much better. The money is better, the bull riders are better, the bulls are better. Everything about it is just absolutely amazing. And you know, being there the last two years and riding there and winning two consecutive years together, is just an absolute trophy, I'll never forget this even when I'm older, I'm gonna tell my kids that you know, New Year's Eve, Bull Riders Canada that's a bull riding a guy wants to go to and he wants to win.

Dustin Edwards: "Well a nice way to start the Season. I know you're a busy guy in bull riding, of course you were on the PBR Canada Global Cup team this year, I know you're riding the pro ranks as well and the CPRA. What does it mean to you to have an association like the BRC going with so many great bull ridings, and now especially as many as there are in your home province of BC?"

Jackson Scott: "The Bull Riders Canada Association...I am probably one of their biggest fans, because it is such an amazing association, what they're doing.

It gives those people and those kids that maybe aren't 18 that cannot go to the PBR, that extra stepping stone that they can get on at this professional level, and get on the professional level of bulls, with being under 18 and still get on at that level and it's just that extra stepping stone that I, and most people never got the chance to do.

But now those kids that aren't quite 18, and couldn't go to the PBR, have this stepping stone and can go to the PBR. And guys that are on the PBR, and also on that professional level, then when they have a weekend off they can also go to the BRC and get on just as good of bulls, with just as good money, and just as good of a show, and fans and the production, like the whole deal of BRC is absolutely awesome. I'm probably one of their biggest fans!"

We're one of your biggest fans too, Jackson Scott! In fact, we're the biggest fan of all our Bull Rider Members, and we wish you all the best of luck in this coming 2018 Season VI!

Happy New Year!

Visit Bull Riders Canada website for full Event Results and current National Standings.

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