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Shane Peters takes Rimbey Win

Rimbey, Alberta - The combined efforts of Adrenaline Productions (Jeff & Andria Sahli and Curtis & Corrie Sawyer), Outlaw Buckers Rodeo Corp. (Curtis & Corrie Sawyer) and Vold Rodeo Company (Nansen & Jennifer Vold), always make for a remarkable event. The sold out show meant the fans at the Hell on Hooves Rimbey BRC Bull Riding were treated to a night that included a silent auction, calcutta, cabaret featuring the Wild Rose Roulette band and of course, bulls and bull riders!

The funds raised from this event will be donated back to the community, and once again they have chosen the Rimbey Hospital and Care Center as their recipient. The Committee is hopeful to be able to donate upwards of $2000.00!

The bulls definitely stole the show in the Long Round, but there were a few cowboys who were able to make it to that 8 second mark to win themselves some cash and have a second shot at the added prize money in the Canadian Global Championship Round. Shane Peters was one of those cowboys.

Although Shane tells BRC that he's been having some bad luck for the last couple years, it looks like that is all about to turn around for him. Peters took 1st place out of 33 contestants in the long round with his 84 point ride on Vold Rodeo Company's 352 Black Wall Street.

He says on his win that "'s nice to have more motivation and more confidence going into the season."

When it came time for the Canadian Global Championship Round, while Shane took 3rd place here behind Jacob Gardner's 85.5 points and Chase Thielen's 83.5 mark, adding his 82.5 point effort on Outlaw Buckers Rodeo Corps' T419 Dough Boy, his total on two is 166.5.

Coming in 1.5 points higher than Jacob Gardner, Dawson Creek, BC, Shane Peters takes home the title of Event Champion along with $1,904.00 cash and 380 points, which is enough to move Peters up to 2nd place in the BRC National Standings.

This is Shane's first event win in the BRC, and looking back at the long round competition he fills BRC in on the bull he drew and how that went for him.

"I got on that Black Wall Street bull there, and I heard that he was going to be good and I always trust Nansen (Nansen Vold - Vold Rodeo Company) when he tells me that, so it was about the best draw that you could have for it really. I'm sure that everyone there at that bull riding wishes they would've got on him. I drew good, and that was lucky and it ended up - well I've been practicing this quite a bit here lately - it all just worked out in the end I guess!"

Moving from the long round into the Canadian Global Championship Round, Shane explains what it meant for him to get into the Championship Round and leaving there two for two.

"It was pretty big. It's always a good feeling to make the short round and then to be able to actually finish it off and make some money out of it at least, it is always what you're looking for. To come out with the win, it just really puts some wind in your sales and hopefully you just keep going right through the Season."

Seeing his name second in the BRC National Standings Peters says "I want to be in first, but just being up there is good and it keeps you motivated to keep going at it and keep up there."

With his goals this year to make the CFR and the BRC Finals, we congratulate Shane on his win and wish him all the best this coming Season!

Thank you to Jennifer Vold for submitting the video of Shane Peters' long round bull, and Corrie Sawyer for submitting the video of Jacob Gardner's short round bull.

Visit Bull Riders Canada website for full Event Results and current National Standings.

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