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Rookie of the Year Award

Irricana, Alberta - Bull Riders Canada is extremely proud to announce for 2018 Season VI, a new Rookie of the Year Award.

This award is brought to you by Bull Riders Canada and Jensen Silver. The recipient of this award will take home the Title of first-ever BRC Rookie of the Year, along with a Jensen Silver buckle valued at $800.00.

Points to win this award will be based off of all regular Season VI Events, and will include points won at the Bull Riders Canada Finals VI November 30th and December 1st in Lloydminster, SK.

For the last few weeks, you would have noticed in the BRC National Standings there is an (R.) by certain Cowboys' names denoting their Rookie status, and therefore making them eligible for this award.

BRC President, Russell Friend points out that "...this year in Bull Riders Canada, there is the largest contingent of Rookies since inception of the Company. Not only are the numbers up, but the quality and the talent of the Rookie crop is also very impressive."

It is the intent of Bull Riders Canada to continue to build Bull Riders who are able to hone their skills by having constant opportunities to get on bulls throughout our Nation. We believe that a Rookie of the Year award is another tangible incentive to encourage, develop, and promote the sport of bull riding and the western lifestyle.

Congratulations to all of the Bull Riders who have had success this Season already. It is clear that the training you have done over the winter is paying off, and we look forward to seeing everybody down the road in the near future.

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